The goal of our massage school is to provide comprehensive massage education in an easy to learn format for an affordable price.

Brandon Raynor started teaching massage courses in Sydney, Australia in 1997 on a part time basis. By 2000 he had started to teach full time and was running massage courses in Brisbane, Australia as well. The Brandon Raynor massage school expanded to include teaching courses in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and the Gold Coast by 2001.

The school’s massage courses were extremely popular in Australia especially with people aged 20 to 50 who didn’t have the time or desire to go back to a full time, longer termed massage school but still wanted to learn the new skill of massage.

The increasing demand over the last few years for the Brandon Raynor massage training has turned our institute into Australia’s largest fast-track massage school.

By early 2002 the massage school had expanded into Tasmania and by late 2002, the first massage courses in the UK and the United States were being launched. We have since expanded to teach throughout Canada and select countries in Africa.

Our school is currently based in Gympie, Queensland where we hold massage courses frequently.

The first London massage courses were very popular and were followed by courses in Manchester and Edinburgh. People in the UK were very excited to learn this new, very strong and effective style of massage.

Boston was the first American city that our massage school course was offered in. The course was held on the premises of the East West Shiatsu School in Cambridge. The owner made the comment to Brandon that he was very surprised by how much people learned in such a short period of time and how happy the students seemed to be with the course they undertook.

By 2003 Brandon Raynor’s massage school also held courses in Honolulu, Hawaii, Billings, Montana and Burlington, Vermont as well as continuing to hold courses in the London area of the UK every 3 months. The first massage course in Montana had 34 students and was taught by Brandon Raynor.

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