Due to popularity, we are now teaching fast-track massage courses in various locations in and around Sydney upon request. We can schedule any of our massage courses in your area if four or more people are interested to train in either our Raynor Massage Certificate Course or our Raynor Massage Diploma Course.  Our massage courses are 5-10 days of intensive, hands-on training where you will be massaging from day one. However, there is a possibility of condensing the courses into longer hours, but fewer days to meet the needs of busy lifestyles.


Our customized massage courses is a great option for a group of family or friends, personal trainers and gym owners, existing massage therapists coworkers or individuals who want to enhance their skills and/or create a massage business. Here are some examples:

  1. Group of family and/or friends who want to start their own massage clinic together. After completion one of massage courses, you can get insurance and start working immediately. This mean you can earn good money, create your own hours, work from home, do mobile massage or even set up your own clinic either part time or full time.
  2. Personal Trainers/ Gym Owners/ Sporting Clubs to help enhance their athletes’ performance; reduce muscular tension and injuries, increase mobility and flexibility, and improve recovery time effectively through massage. It also provides an extra service to clients and sports members to boost their morale and keep them healthy and satisfied.
  3. Pre-existing Massage Therapists wanting to learn a new and powerful modality to offer their existing clients and to draw in newcomers. Raynor Massage is more effective than many other massage modalities as it is holistic and effects the mind, body and spirit.  It is a whole body massage that focuses on areas of the body that are often neglected by most massage therapists such as the hands and feet (which only makes sense considering how much people use their hands for daily tasks and their feet for standing/walking/driving) and the abdominal cavity including the large and small intestine (a common area where people tighten up when they become stressed out or anxiety).
  4. Stay at Home Mom or Parent who wants to create their own hours to have the flexibility to work around their families schedules. Many opt to work from home without needing to rent a clinic.
  5. Backpacker or Traveler or Gap Year Student who wants to earn money to support their travels while helping others. Massage therapist have the ability to set their own prices, which means that can earn decent money and have the option of having a sliding payment scale. With a Raynor Massage Diploma you can work as a massage therapist all throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, most of Europe and various other countries.
  6. Looking for a New Career but doesn’t want to be cooped up in a traditional lecture hall or classroom while being bogged down with rote learning information, of which most of it will never even be used during your career. Instead Raynor Massage Courses focus on relevant and practical information such as contraindications, hygiene, proper posture and techniques, professionalism, correct pressure etc.
  7. Medical Personnel, Nurses and Carers who want to provide extra care and help their clients in a holistic, natural manner in conjunction to their medical training.
  8. Natural Healers and Naturopaths, Reiki Masters, Flower Essence Practitioners, and Nutritionist who are seeking a more well-rounded approach to health and want to offer more services to their clients.

If you’re wanting a rewarding career helping others while being able to earn a good living, consider enrolling in a Raynor Massage Course where you will learn a lot of information and become a proficient therapist in a short amount of time.