Deep Tissue massage courseBrandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School offers deep tissue massage courses in Sydney and many locations worldwide. Brandon Raynor, a Naturopath and the school principal, is the founder of Raynor massage, which is well known as a very deep tissue massage therapy style.  Raynor massage seeks to locate any tension that exists in the muscles of the body that shouldn’t be there. A person  laying on a massage table, in an ideal state, should have all the muscles of the body completely tension free. In most people this is not the case. Muscles have  degrees of what we call residual tension.  The goal of Raynor Naturopathic massage is to find the residual tension and eliminate it  from it’s source. It’s not enough to just find the muscle tension. The body is an interconnected organism  and we need to find the source of that tension. A person’s back may be tight but the tightness could be coming all the way from their hands or feet.

In our deep tissue massage courses in Sydney we teach you to find the tension and get rid of it from it’s source. We teach you to locate the residual tension, then to trace it to its origin and then use a variety of massage techniques to get that tension out of the body completely. We teach you to find what we call micro tension in the very ends of the toes and fingers and using massage tools such as Japanese chopsticks and wooden Thai massage tools you can eliminate the source of the much larger bands of tension that continue  all the way up the body in a similar fashion to the Chinese and Japanese medicine concepts of meridians or  the Thai sen lines.

Deep Tissue massage training courseWe teach this in a very short massage course that takes either 5 days or 10 days. Our intensive 5 day Certificate Course is for those people that just want to learn deep tissue massage to help friends and family while our 10 day Diploma course is recommended for people that would like to practice as a professional.

We offer these deep tissue massage courses in a variety of locations all over the world. Please see our worldwide deep tissue massage course calendar for more details.