Human foot anatomy cutaway representation, showing skin, veins and arterias, muscles, bones.

Human feet are intricate and complex, and its maintenance is crucial to many every tasks like walking, standing, driving, posture and general mobility. Our feet are the foundation that carries the weight of our body and provides the structural integrity for our skeleton, and yet very few massage therapist dedicate time and effort during their massage treatments to address any muscular tension or misalignment of joints in the feet.

Raynor Massage is unique in that it understands that tension in the feet often effect tension held further up in the body such as the calves, knees, thighs, and hips. The feet often hold the anchor points of tension, and when freed, the tension can be released in the legs. While Raynor Massage incorporates a lot of reflexology theory and techniques into its modality, it also emphasizes Raynor Band Theory in which bands of tension originate either in the hands or feet and flow throughout the body. The bands of tension in the feet start at the tips of each toe and then run through the feet and up the body. Each band and toe joint is loosened prior to working the major muscles in the feet and getting rid of any tension held there. This will increase flexibility and mobility as well as provide general stress relief and have a profound effect the rest of your body.