Short Massage Course

Brandon Massage and Natural Therapies School provides intensive, high quality massage training in our 5 day Certificate Courses and 10 day Diploma courses. We have been offering hands-on massage training with our school since 1997 and are now celebrating our 16th anniversary of offering our massage training courses in Sydney, conveniently located near Central Station on Broadway.

Each of our massage courses are practical, fun, comprehensive and designed to have you learning at a fast rate. From the first day, you will be learning and practicing the skills you need to become an effective Raynor massage therapist.   Raynor Massage is a specialized form of massage that incorporates various techniques from Shiatsu, Thai massage, tui na, Swedish massage and reflexology as well as its own set of powerful massage moves. Raynor Massage approaches massage in a holistic way with its primary goal to release any residual tension that was caused by imbalances or overexertion of the body, mind and spirit.  This is done by using massage techniques to along the Raynor Naturopathic Bands (similar but slightly different to meridians) to rid of any physical tension or energetic blockage in the body, allowing one’s chi or prana (lifeforce) to circulate freely. While Raynor Massage is a deep tissue massage, a fundamental principle of Raynor Massage is to adapt the massage to suit your client whether they are a bodybuilder or athlete that requires heavy pressure or an elderly person or young child that only needs lighter pressure to relax and improve their vitality.


During these short massage courses, you will learn the theory and techniques to start practicing from day 1. Each course is led by a highly qualified massage instructor and all Sydney massage courses are taught by Brandon Raynor, the founder and principle of the school. The instructor will give a massage demonstration followed by students pairing up for the practical massage training, both giving and receiving massages according to the lesson plan with instructor(s) supervision and tutor feedback.  This is a great way to for students to become familiar with massaging different body shapes and sizes, pressure preferences and be introduced to how tension can be held differently in the body.  During this time, you will be taught proper body mechanics and how to use various parts of your hands, arms and elbows to prevent overuse and injury and to ensure a long and satisfying career.

Brandon Raynor’s massage courses focus on learning by doing.  Each day of the massage course builds upon techniques learned from the previous day, so that you will have learned how to perform a full body massage in a competent and confident way by the end of the course.  Although all students are provided with a massage course handbook, supplementary course worksheets and instructional videos  so that you can learn about Raynor massage more in-depth, you will not have to rote learn any theory.  It is important, however, to become very familiar with the sections on professionalism, hygiene and contraindications as it will be emphasized throughout the course.  Instead you will learn how to feel tension, trace it to its source in the body and to get rid of the tension.

This has been the learning pathway for massage for thousand years before it was medicalised by people who only view clients as their physical body rather than in a holistic manner to include the mind, soul and emotions.  The power of a healing touch combined with intuition and practical knowledge in massage should not be underestimated. Your trainer will be at your disposal to offer pointers and guidance, to show you, correct and encourage you until you develop your very own massage experience.


Our bodies undergo stress and hold tension in muscles for a lot of reasons– day-to-day stress, fitness training, injuries, incorrect postural habits, many hours spent hunched over the computer or smart phone, trouble experienced at your workplace or at home– and can result in problems of residual tension, aches and pains. If stress, physical tension and/or emotional imbalances or depletion is left untreated, it can lead to more severe health issues physically, emotionally and mentally.

In this day and age, there is no shortage of stress and tension.  As a professional Raynor Massage specialist you can have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing; restoring and keeping them in a state of true relaxation and balance, without muscular strains and pains or any emotional stress associated with it.  While being a massage therapist can be physically demanding and mentally demanding to be maintain presence with your client, it is very rewarding and satisfying.

We offer deep tissue massage and acupressure course combinations. This style of massage is called Raynor massage and incorporates reflexology, aromatherapy , Swedish massage, Remedial massage, shiatsu and therapeutic massage. You can learn aspects of all these styles of massage in our one simple information and experienced packed short massage training course.

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We recommend people start with our 5 day Certificate course if they would like to have massage training just for their friends and family or if they want to learn to massage in a professorial manner then we recommend our 10 day Diploma course and for those that are very serious about learning massage we recommend our Advanced practitioners course as well as the other courses.

If you would like to have massage training in Sydney we also recommend you visit our you tube site to see some of our massage videos or visit our Raynor massage practitioners facebook page where people who have learned to massage with our massage school. You can also visit our main website called Raynor massage.

For more information about our next Sydney massage courses or to find out how to arrange a personalized course for your group, please email for details.