We are now offering both Raynor Massage Certificate and Diploma course in Sydney on an going basis. We train many personal trainers, gym owners, physiotherapists, cross fit enthusiast, coaches, Olympians and all levels of athletes who wish to enhance and maintain their own and other people’s athletic performance through massage.   The goal of a good sports massage course is to teach the students how to keep an athlete’s body performing at an optimal ability through massage and stretching. Having no residual tension in the body is what’s going to make the body become more flexible, less likely to injure, have improved circulation of blood and lymph to the muscles, increase the performance of the nervous system and improve the overall performance of the body.

Raynor massage is a very deep tissue form of massage therapy. Many athletes like having a deep massage rather than a superficial massage because they want to get rid of the deep knots and aches and pains in their muscles. In teaching Raynor Massage, we also cover all the aspects of a sports massage course such as using ligaments for aches and pains, and using herbally medicated oils to help loosen muscles and improve circulation.


Raynor Massage is one of the most effective forms of sports massage available anywhere in the world.  This is because Raynor massage has the goal of finding and eliminating any residual tension that exists in the musculature, tendons and soft tissue of the body. By getting rid of tension held within the body before an athletic performance, it increase flexibility and mobility preventing unnecessary injuries. Raynor Massage focuses on areas of the body that often get neglected in other massage therapies such as the hands and feet, and yet these body parts are crucial to most if not all sports. If someone has tight fingers and hands, it will effect their grip (ie batting, throwing hand etc) and their level of performance will decrease. If someone has a lot of residual tension in their toes and feet, it will effect their balance, their stance and the structure of their legs and hips.  For instance, sciatica is a common problem among athletes and most massage therapist focus only on massaging their client’s legs, glutes and hips, which only creates temporary if any relief. While a Raynor Massage therapist will understand that the body is inherently connected and the feet will have a great impact on the legs, and therefore the hips and lower back, and so will try to massage the tension out of the feet as well. Similar to the foundations of a house, the feet carry the brunt of the weight and help determine the integrity of the rest of the [muscular and skeletal] structure, and so it needs to be looked after regularly during a massage treatment.

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